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Family Law can be complicated and frustrating.  It’s important to understand your rights under the law.  Don’t take the other party’s word for it either… do your research and understand how the law protects you.  Understanding how the law applies to your specific situation helps you make INFORMED DECISIONS about your case.

Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce and legal separation services.

Property Division

Identification, characterization, valuation, and division of property.

Child Custody

Establish and modify custody and visitation orders.

Child & Spousal Support

Establish and modify child support and spousal support.

Pre/Postnuptial Agreements

Pre/Postnuptial Agreements for avoiding future disputes.


Establish parental rights.

Domestic Violence

Restraining orders protecting victims & defense for the accused.

And More!

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Tony Luzuriaga, Esq.

Tony Luzuriaga

Family Law matters can be hard.  You might be dealing with another party that is creating issues in your home; an unreasonable co-parent; an “ex with a vengeance”; stress about what your living situation will be during and after a divorce…  

There are so many frustrating parts about divorces and family law matters, the best thing to do is to CREATE A PLAN on how to navigate the upcoming months of court hearings and negotiations, and start planning for life after your case is resolved.  Life gets better, but you have to start with a PLAN.  

Often times, it’s the uncertainty of “what’s next for me” that stresses people out.  Creating a plan will help you get to the next chapter of your life. 

This website has many useful resources for you to use.  Use it!  Ultimately, every case has different facts which can lead to different applications of law.  This is where I come in.  Schedule a consultation and figure out your plan to get ahead and move on with your life.

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