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Rancho Cucamonga Divorce Attorney


I shifted my case to Mr.  Luzuriaga after about two years with a more senior lawyer.

I found Mr. Luzuriaga to be very knowledgeable and very bright. He is a very effective lawyer in his time management. It did not take him a long time to fully understand all of the details of my complex case. He quickly spotted the most important legal aspects of my case. He directed his work towards the best possible settlement for me. He embarked on additional new directions that proved to be very helpful in my case and gave me a better settlement.

Mr. Luzuriaga is very approachable and easy to work with. I felt at ease talking with him, knowing that any of my questions and comments will be received with respect and appropriate response. He kept the lines of communication between us very open. He responded to my questions and comments in a very timely fashion. If I needed to talk / meet with him, my request was always accommodated within a very reasonable time. He worked on my case very efficiently and hard. Sometimes, when needed, we talked or met after hours or on weekends. He kept me well informed with all the developments in my case as they occurred.

In summary, Mr. Luzuriaga did wonders in my divorce case. He made it as simple as possible to conclude this very difficult period of my life.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Mr. Tony Luzuriaga to anyone going through a divorce, whether it is a simple straight forward case or a difficult very involved case.

-Marian A. & Nabil B.


I worked with Tony for a consult, he went above and beyond to provide me information and resources. He was candid but professional and all the while compassionate, made me feel 100% comfortable to ask any questions! I’ll definitely be back for future consults, thank you Empire Law!

-Shardai P.

Tony is a fierce legal advocate. He will evaluate all of your options and provide you an honest assessment of what’s to come. He is one of the more ethical family law attorneys I’ve come across and his rates are also fair.

-Marie F.