Tony Luzuriaga

Tony Luzuriaga, Esq.

Attorney at Law


Tony Luzuriaga understands how stressful, draining, and complicated divorce and family law matters can be. Having personally experienced the battle that can occur during divorce and custody issues, Tony is a fierce advocate for his clients, and stands firmly for what is right!

In 2023, Tony joined the team at Christopher R. Abernathy, APLC (a well known and respected Family Law firm) in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and is now the Managing Attorney at the firm.

Since joining the firm, Tony works side-by-side with Mr. Abernathy regarding legal issues and strategic planning to obtain clients the best possible results.

Tony’s professional development is further enhanced by the collaboration and oversight of a world-class staff including professional and knowledgeable paralegals and legal assistants.

Tony’s journey to becoming a Family Law Attorney:

Prior to becoming an attorney, Tony gained valuable professional experience in his previous career including the opportunity to work for Ecolab, Inc. (a Fortune 500 company) for 13 years, and served in the United States Navy as a Military Police Officer for 4 years.

Tony served in the Navy from 2003 until 2007.  He attended “Boot Camp” in Great Lakes, IL, and “A-School” in Little Creek, VA.  He was stationed in Pascagoula, MS and in 2005 relocated to Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado, CA.  As a Military Police Officer (Master-At-Arms) Tony learned the importance of the U.S. Navy’s Core Values: HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT.

After successfully completing his four-year enlistment, Tony rejoined the civilian world to complete his formal education and support his family.  Shortly after moving to the Inland Empire in 2007, Tony started his next career, that of a Licensed Realtor and Loan Officer.  Life was about to get so much better, but unbeknown to most people, the economy was about to implode.  

Tony’s new career in real estate came to a halt at the end of 2007.  However, Tony still had a family to support, but the real estate industry was at a near freeze!  With nearly no income as a result, Tony had to make a new plan. 

He had to find work that could provide the means to support him and his family.  Thankfully, a friend of Tony’s Grandpa introduced him to Ecolab.  Having the need to financially support his family, he applied and was accepted as a “Route Sales Manager” with Ecolab, Inc., which was one of the best things to happen to Tony.

Despite having limited sales or mechanical knowledge (both important for the job), he rolled his sleeves up and learned how to work on commercial dishwashers in restaurants and commercial kitchens (not a place for anyone with a weak stomach).  He did what he had to do and figured it out!

Within 8 months, the leadership team at Ecolab promoted Tony to a sales role as he showed strong interpersonal skills and the ability to increase sales.  That was one of the most significant times of professional development for Tony as he fast-tracked his ability to learn the art of listening, critical-thinking, and persuasion. 

While working at Ecolab, Tony completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (BSBM) in 2009, and earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2011.

While working toward his MBA, in 2010, Tony was promoted to the role of a District Sales Manager responsible for the growth of the Pasadena, CA market for Ecolab.  Thereafter, Tony managed the Inland Empire Market and successfully turned a struggling sales district into a thriving and income-producing power-house!  Tony’s leadership and results driven mentality lead to multiple awards during his tenure at Ecolab.  Tony further enhanced his knowledge there by becoming a mentor to many up-and-coming leaders within the organization.  

Tony also took on the responsibility of leading project teams in the Lean Six Sigma division (Enterprise Excellence) of Ecolab, as a collateral duty to further enhance his professional development.

Tony also lead the employee-resource group “H.A.C.E.R.” at Ecolab which helped provide resources and professional development for all employees.

Despite all of the accomplishments Tony had achieved at Ecolab, his life-long dream was to become an attorney… so he decided to go back to school…

In 2016, Tony was accepted to the University of La Verne, College of Law.  He attended the evening program, which took four-years to complete including summer classes.  Tony was able to attend law school and work full-time at Ecolab, thanks to the support of his leadership team at Ecolab.

After completing law school, Tony took the California Bar Exam and passed on his first try!  He immediately resigned from Ecolab (they were well aware I would leave once I passed the Bar) and began practicing exclusively in Family Law.

Since 2021, Tony has dedicated his life to help people get through one of the most challenging times of their lives.  Tony’s continued dedication to always improving his professional development is evident by the results driven attitude and zealous advocacy for his clients. 

In addition to being a lawyer, Tony enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and kids, and his dogs: Gracie and Potato.  He also enjoys camping, cycling, snow boarding, and the occasional golf outing.  And being who he is, he likes a challenge, so he is a fierce advocate of personal development and does the #LiveHard program (commonly known as #75Hard).  Because, mental toughness is the Ultimate Rebellion! (Credit to Andy Frisella for the program.)