Divorce – Food for Thought

“Divorce is a Declaration of Independence with only two signers.”
-Gerald F. Lieberman

Divorce – You never enter into a marriage expecting it to fail. Rather, you enter into this new chapter in your life with excitement and elation, knowing  you have someone by your side – a partner, a friend, a lover – someone to experience the world with, grow with, and perhaps even build a family with.

That’s one reason you invest so much of yourself into your marriage. Not only your time and your assets, but also YOU! Consequently, once you’ve reached the end of your marriage, a flood of emotions can unleash – anger, grief, confusion, anxiety, fear, and of course stress. 

But you know what? This is understandable. In fact, it can be expected. The thought of separating or getting a divorce can be scary. You may find yourself engulfed by the unknown – overwhelmed and lost, not knowing where to start and where to go. 

I want to tell you first hand, if you have reached the end of your marriage, first I hope you are not being hard on yourself. Here’s the thing, divorce can happen to anyone – and in fact more often than you may think. Second, I know that parting ways with someone you expected to spend the rest of your life with may be painful and frightening as you may not know how you’re going to move forward on your end.

Know this, however, people naturally change overtime – and if you and your spouse no longer are compatible, then it’s not worth spending another day in a marriage. 

Life is too short to expend your energy trying to fix a toxic relationship. When you can look pass your fears and overcome the negative emotions and self-talk, you can start living happily, loving yourself again, reuniting with friends, parenting better, and even improving your relationship with your ex. Learn more about Surviving a Divorce here.

Before you think to yourself, “I know…the divorce was coming, it should have come sooner…but all this is easier said than done” believe me, I get it. 

This is why we found Empire Family Law. Not only do we offer aggressive and strategic representation with your best interest in mind, but we do it with compassion, support, and personalized attention so you can walk into a new chapter in your life with hope, clarity, and your head held up high.